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The attorneys of Kainen, Escalera & McHale are thankful to have a devoted team of experienced legal assistants and other support staff working with us. We believe their great support helps our attorneys better respond to the needs of our clients.
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David Dolgoruck - Office Manager - Kainen, Escalera & McHale


Office Manager


Legal Administrative Assistant to: Patrick J. McHale, Jennifer L. Dixon and Kenneth Weinstock

“I thoroughly enjoy working at Kainen, Escalera & McHale. It is a challenging, yet rewarding job. Every single day is a new experience, whether it is working with co-workers, clients or vendors. Kainen, Escalera & McHale expects you to work hard and independently. They take care of their employees and I look forward to continuing to have a long and successful career here serving the firm’s clients.”

Carina De La Cruz - Legal Admin Assistant - Kainen, Escalera & McHale


Legal Administrative Assistant


Legal Administrative Assistant to: Miguel A. Escalera Jr., Joseph W. McQuade and Shel D. Myers

“The main reason why I wanted to work at Kainen, Escalera & McHale was because of its impeccable reputation. Being part of such a professional, dedicated and hardworking team has been extremely fulfilling. I’m very proud to work for an employer who shows concern for its staff and that strives to deliver top-quality service to its clients.”

Mary Beth Derynioski - Paralegal - Kainen, Escalera & McHale




Legal Administrative Assistant to: Frederick L. Dorsey and Daniel P. Murphy

“When I saw the job posting, I was confident that I had the skill set needed for this position; fortunately, the attorneys at Kainen, Escalera & McHale agreed. I have been very happy with my decision to join this very knowledgeable team and look forward to assisting them for many years to come.”

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