Our attorneys regularly present timely seminars on a variety of labor, employment, and education law topics to clients, businesses, professional groups, associations and other practitioners.   The list below highlights some of the more popular topics we have addressed at these seminars and are able to present at your request.

  1. Best Practices for Beginning the Employment Relationship
    • Job descriptions
    • Job applications
    • Proper interview techniques
    • Pre-employment written tests/assessments (skills/traits)
    • Pre-employment drug testing and medical exams
    • Reference and background checks (criminal, credit)
    • Social media checks
    • Employment “at-will” vs. employment contracts
    • Offer letter/communicating with successful and unsuccessful candidates
  2. Best Practices for Maintaining the Employment Relationship
    • Performance management
    • Counseling and performance improvement plans
    • Performance review process
  3. Best Practices for Ending the Employment Relationship
    • How to discipline effectively
    • Proper discharge methods
  4. Best Practices for Managing Family and Medical Leaves of Absences, Employee Medical Issues and Reasonable Accommodations for Disabled Employees
  5. Essential Personnel Policies
  6. Drug/Alcohol Testing of Employees
  7. What Every Supervisor Needs to Know About Employment Laws in Connecticut
  8. Prevention of Employment Discrimination/Harassment
  9. Sexual Harassment Awareness Training
  10. Wage and Hour Laws (minimum wage, overtime, exemptions, breaks, vacation pay, employment of minors, methods of payment, etc.)
  11. Personnel Files/Record-Keeping Requirements
  12. Affirmative Action Plans and Requirements
  13. Workplace Privacy, Monitoring and E-mail/Internet Use
  14. Preventing Workplace Violence
  15. Responding to Workers’ Compensation Claims
  16. New Developments in Employment, Labor and School/Education Law
  17. First Amendment Issues in Public Schools
  18. New Supervisor Training
  19. Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) Requirements
  20. Special Education Evaluation Requirements and Criteria
  21. Individual Education Plan (IEP) Development
  22. Workplace Investigations
  23. Alternative Funding of Public Schools
  24. Contract Negotiation Strategies For Certified And Non-Certified Employees
  25. Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration Under The Municipal Employee Relations Act
  26. Affordable Care Act’s Negotiation Implications
  27. Legal Pitfalls In Managing Employees In A Unionized Workplace
  28. Employee Discipline and Discharge In A Unionized Workplace
  29. Understanding Weingarten, Loudermill and Garrity Rights
  30. Freedom of Information Rights and Obligations