Legislative Review – Labor and Employment Law from the 2017 CT Legislature

Success in business requires constant attention to detail and an awareness of changes in one’s business environment. With that fact in mind, we like to provide employers with regular updates on the status of statutes under consideration and/or passes by … Continue reading →

Are Pregnancy Law Changes Coming to Connecticut?

In late May, the Connecticut House of Representatives passed a bill that would vastly expand the pregnancy anti-discrimination statute in the state. Just days ago, the State Senate also approved the measure. The Governor is now expected to sign the … Continue reading →

Five Employer Mistakes That Are Often Costly

Owning or managing a business is always a challenge – and mistakes can happen – particularly when managing staff. Did you know that even seemingly trivial “mistakes” can have large adverse financial consequences? Here are five such mistakes employers should … Continue reading →

How Old Is Your Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks are important to employers of all sizes. Why? They introduce employees to a business’ culture, mission, and values They help employees understand what is expected of them They help ensure that all company policies are clearly and consistently … Continue reading →

Employer Update On Employment and Labor Bills Under Consideration in the 2017 Connecticut Legislature

Employers need to know what the Connecticut Legislature is up to with respect to labor and employment laws. To that end – we offer this update on the bills currently working their way through the legislative chambers. Any bill that … Continue reading →

What A Trump Era National Labor Relations Board Decision Means For Employers

Employers during the Obama years felt particularly vulnerable to expansive interpretations of Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act – interpretations many felt left non-unionized employers particularly open to attack. Just what does Section 7 cover? Section 7 of … Continue reading →

Food Delivery Drivers Win Court Fight in Connecticut

Connecticut employment law allows restaurants to pay wait staff wages that are below minimum wage because those staffers also receive tips from customers. In 2013, Amaral Brothers filed a petition with the Connecticut Department of Labor seeking a judgment as … Continue reading →

Should Private Employers Be Permitted to Offer Comp Time?

A bill working its way through Congress seeks to allow private employers the right to offer employees the choice of overtime pay or time off for working extra hours. Currently, only public sector employers enjoy this right. Called the Working … Continue reading →

U.S. Senate Votes to Revoke OSHA Record Keeping Rule and Other Actions

Towards the end of President Obama’s administration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) passed a rule extending the agency’s authority to cite companies for record-keeping violations from six months to five years. It’s a rule that was as unpopular … Continue reading →

What President Trump’s Executive Orders May Mean for Employers

Since his inauguration, President Trump has signed executive orders directing federal agencies to repeal two federal regulations for every new rule they issue, and requiring each agency head to designate a regulatory reform officer. Task forces in each agency also have until … Continue reading →